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Safety Is Essential to a Successful Project

Because we believe that accident prevention is both a moral obligation and good business, we’ve made it an integral part of all our processes. We recognize that the protection of our employees, the public, and the environment is essential to the efficient and successful completion of every project.

Safety is not something we do in addition to our work; it guides our work. We base our safety efforts on a belief that every person is entitled to a safe and healthy place to work, and on an understanding that no success can compensate for an injury or failure in project safety. While we pride ourselves on completing high-quality projects on schedule and on budget, nothing – including costs or deadlines – ever justifies compromising on safety. No employee is ever expected or requested to be a party to such a compromise.


Protecting the health and safety of our employees and others on the jobsite goes far beyond simple compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements. ACC has safety policies and guidelines that are emphasized to employees from their first day of employments. These are provided, taught, and emphasized as guides for all activities of ACC staff and subcontractors on every project.

There is a dedicated professional safety staff to implement, train on, and monitor these policies and guidelines. Regular inspections, audits, and operating staff involvement with these professionals ensure compliance with all safety program specifics, including compliance with companywide guidelines and standards for training, education, plan implementation, and personal accountability. On every project, the plan is supplemented with jobsite-specific details related to safety hazards, task method statements, hazardous material information, and daily focus on risk mitigation and safe operations.

Every level of our organization shares responsibility for these safety efforts, from senior executives through our field staff. As our stellar safety record indicates, our entire team has adopted this safety-first culture and committed themselves to the protection of our workers, subcontractors, site visitors, and the public.

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